Sunday, 6 September 2009


It's 30th August and back in July one of our local stores had Christmas decorations for sale. Presumably the thinking is that people had stopped buying for Summer so are thinking ahead to Autumn and Winter. Since there are always some who like to be well prepared, Christmas items will sell. Also, charity Christmas cards are a much needed source of revenue for good causes and to maximise this they need as long a sales period as possible. Maybe.

I remember that last January we had a cold snap and I wanted to buy a pair of leather gloves which Father Christmas had forgotten to put in my stocking. No chance. The shops were full of beachwear. It is Summer now and of course the racks are heaving under the weight of chunky sweaters and the shelves are packed with boots. Did I miss the memo? Is August the new November? Should I post now in time for Christmas?

As I said, it is the end of August so how come that the October edition of 'What Hi-Fi' magazine is on sale now? My wife is forever complaining quite rightly that her magazines are full of Autumn and Winter articles when she reads them in Summer.

We can only hope that as the time warp continues, it will eventually come full circle and we will be able to buy Summer clothes in Summer even if they are next Summer's styles. We might get to read the September magazines in September a year ahead of time. Or maybe we could buy Easter eggs at Easter - or is that too radical a notion?


  1. I couldn't agree more. Doesn't time move fast enough without us rushing it along?

  2. Reminds me of people swimming in ice covered lakes or trying to down hill ski in the summer