Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Along with my shiny new computer, I have acquired it's electronic diary. I have used electronic diaries before but this one is different from my previous ones. The difference is that I can now categorise the events in my life and then colour code them.

For example, I have a category called 'Dining out' (my favourite) which I chose to colour yellow. 'Birthdays' are green, 'Recreation' is purple, 'Appointments' are red......well you get the idea.

I can then view any one category on it's own so for instance I can select just 'Birthdays' so that I can check whether I have cards to buy in the near future. Alternatively, I can view all of the categories together which makes for a very colourful display.

I feel things are going well when I find 3 or more colours on the same day. It shows that I have variety in my life. It also shows a degree of balance so that if I have a morning session of purple tennis I can see that I will be able to regain any weight I lose when I have my yellow dining event in the evening.

So now I lead a much more colourful life than I used to but I have a confession to make. I find that more and more, I especially enjoy the days which are just plain white!


  1. Tony you have always been colorful LOL

  2. I enjoy white days too. I've got one tomorrow but it won't be white for long. Lots of Christmas shopping and wrapping and card writing - i'll be glad to get back to work! Heloise2

  3. Tony are you resposible for Oz girl's computer crashing??? LoL

  4. It is certainly suspicious isn't it Joe? Tony gets a brand new iMac, and MY iMac crashes! Hmmmmm....

    Tony, what program is this diary in? I am curious.

    I am hoping to get my computer back today, or Monday at the very latest. I will be one very happy gal when I do. :-D