Sunday, 19 June 2011


I'm all for freedom of speech but that goes with freedom to choose not to listen.

People have been speaking out on all manner of subjects at Speaker's corner in Hyde Park since the mid 1800's and long may it continue. They say their piece and then their words are carried away by the wind and when they've gone the park is quiet again.

Graffiti is a whole different thing. When somebody daubs their words of doubtful wisdom all over a wall, fence, bridge or whatever, it remains, often with horrendous spelling mistakes for a very long time.

Well if you can't beat them, join them. I plan to get a can or two of aerosol paint - one black and one white might do it, and having donned my black anorak, sneak out at the dead of night to spray my neighbourhood.

Of course, I shall be spraying over the existing graffiti to restore the black fence or the white wall to its former glory. Care to join me?

Trouble is, my anorak being what it is - it's not so much urban guerilla as urban gorilla.


  1. Fab idea, even better would be to go out and use your spray cans to correct all the dreadful spelling mistakes ;O)

  2. Recently, a woman sprayed police officers with breast milk. Happend in Columbus,Ohio