Sunday, 24 July 2011


I may be wrong, indeed I hope that I am, but I fear that my wife might be developing into a bit of a control freak.

There are a few tell-tale signs such as mornings when I feel that I am being dressed like a doll.

"You weren't thinking of wearing that were you?" pointing at the shirt which I have just fetched from the wardrobe with the obvious intention of putting on.

Or perhaps the slightly more subtle:
"Obviously those trousers don't go with that shirt - but then I'm sure you knew that already".

Then there are the dietary examples such as when I have just put two slices of bread under the grill and she arrives in the kitchen to deliver the words:
"Surely you're not having toast when we're going to be having a big lunch later?"

Now as anyone will tell you, I'm anything but submissive. So whilst there is no way that I shall be giving in to these attempts to direct my life I intend to gently succumb occasionally just to keep her happy. The important thing is that I have realised what is happening and can ensure that I retain control of my own life.

Oops - must dash - she's coming upstairs and I mustn't let her catch me wasting time on my computer.

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