Sunday, 29 April 2012


Amsterdam. Sex capital of Europe right? Well maybe but it's also a wonderful, beautiful, laid back city which my wife and I decided would be the one place we would consider living if we didn't live in England. 

The red light district makes for a great tourist attraction even if you don't use its services. However it seems that for the ladies of pleasure who currently adorn the window displays there, time may be running out.

Two New Zealand researchers have theorised that by 2050, the ladies of the red light district will be replaced by robots. 

Council-owned android sexbots are the guilt-free future of the sex industry it seems. We gentlemen can pop round to the local robrothel manned, (or is it womanned?) by robots made of bacteria resistant fibre (what a turn-on) for a spot of rumpy-pumpy secure in the knowledge that we are not breaking our marriage vows.

One thing occurs to me. Given my advanced years and the fact that my ermm 'drive' is not what it was in my youth, would it be alright if I send my own robot round to do the job for me?

 thanks to Sippacorn for the image

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  1. There's no way that robots will totally take over our sex lives. some people will use them for sure, but there will always be some attraction for a real human.