Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Have you ever felt in awe of a performer and wished that you could emulate them? To act like Humphrey Bogart or Lauren Bacall maybe? To sing like Frank Sinatra or Ella Fitzgerald. Perhaps you have more modern singers and actors who you would hold up as icons?

For me its dancing. I sometimes find myself watching dancing programmes on TV and find myself green with envy and wishing I could dance like that. As for films, who wouldn't love to dance like Fred & Ginger, or Gene Kelly singing in the rain, or maybe as part of the Jets in West Side Story?

Surely most of would love to dance like the couple in 'Dirty Dancing'. Actually I know this is true from the vast numbers of newly weds who choose this as their first dance track!

I have tried to work out why I love dancing so much. I know that part of it is the vibrant feeling you get when you move in time to a good strong music beat. The element of creativity as you anticipate what's coming and decide how you are going to respond is great fun. Mainly though, in my case, its showing off! I love having an audience. It gives you such a buzz! I did have a few lessons in my youth. I remember learning jive and rock. This must have helped but I think that a lot of it just comes from within me. My memories are probably embellished with time, but I seem to recall attracting a number of girlfriends from my performances on the dance floor as a teenager!

Most people when dancing just shuffle around the floor. Many give the impression that they hope they won't be noticed; as if they've been caught in an embarrassing situation. Of course I am the opposite! With me its more a case of 'Hey - check this out!' Luckily for me, my wife enjoys dancing too and does a great job of letting me fling and twirl her around on the dance floor. Hopefully, we look a little better than the couple in the statuette above, which sits on a shelf in my study.


  1. hi tony,
    i actually took dance lessons (ballroom) because i was so clumsy. i still am!

  2. I'd love to take dance lessons with Chris but he is not keen! I think he is happy with his version of the waltz! I'm pleased you both enjoy your dancing!
    Ann XXX

  3. That's awesome. I'm a terrible dancer unless you give me choreography and then I'm probably average but raise the bar with my enthusiasm. I always wanted to be Mitzi Gaynor in South Pacific, singing and dancing her way thru life. Of course I sound more like Bloody Mary. :-( And who wouldn't want to be Baby in Dirty Dancing?

    How fun that you and your Mrs. have something that gives you both (and no doubt your audience) so much pleasure!

  4. I always loved to go out with friends and dance when I was in my 20s and 30s. Alas, I find I have no proper friends here in Kansas to go out with! :-( AND, it's a great way to keep the pounds off.

  5. I can't dance but I remember my mother dancing and remember her elegance and poise - there is something wonderful about dancing. One of my staff teaches Irish Dancing and travels the world with her dancers I can't even do the Hucklebuck or the Slush :o) I can walk the dog