Sunday, 16 August 2009


The birth of my daughter Amie was the most amazing event in my life. I was 31 years of age and I think you can read the pride and the wonder in my expression as I gazed down at this tiny creature.

It had not been an easy birth. My wife was in labour for some 25 hours or so. For a day or two, there was some concern for her breathing and she was kept in intensive care but all proved to be well and we were rewarded with this delicate, beautiful baby.

It certainly felt like a reward! We had been trying to start a family for around seven years and during that time, there had been fertility tests, advice and way too many excruciating and dramatic abortions. We were downhearted and it put a tremendous strain on our marriage but we never gave up - so yes, I think Amie was indeed our reward.

We had the nursery all ready. Baby toys had been bought or received as gifts and the same was true of the numerous girlie baby clothes which we had so enjoyed shopping for. Could things be any more perfect?

Well yes they could. She proved to be a troublesome baby. My wife and I suffered many sleep-deprived nights as we took turns to try to persuade her to sleep. There was one night which I'll always remember. It was perhaps 3 a.m. and I had been singing and rocking her for some two hours or more. Still her little lungs kept finding the breath to scream and cry. My nerves were really jangling. Then for one brief second the red mist came down and I knew how easy it could be for parents to flip and hurt a screaming child.

It was fleeting because my senses kicked in and I took firm control of myself and my emotions. I continued to gurgle, sing and coo at her and mercifully, in no time at all she was asleep. Her work was done and I had passed the test.


  1. sing and coo and now you are a DJ

  2. Um, yes. Children. A tough job. But no matter the grief they give us, we love them to death! :) Glad you passed your test.

  3. I can well remember the red mist sensation it goes with exhaustion, anxiety and all things parental but thankfully it is fleeting and passes well for most of us except those ill equipped to look after themselves let alone the responsibilites of parenthood.