Sunday, 21 February 2010


So I've started taking guitar lessons. The way I figure it, you're never too old to learn - or in this case - you're never too old to become a rock god. The truth is that I could already play - sort of - but I want to improve. Nothing too ambitious you understand, maybe just good enough to get Eric Clapton's attention.

Is seven chords enough to be a rock god? Apparently so, for popular rumour has it that Status Quo only ever used three.

If you already play a musical instrument, you'll understand the sheer joy it gives to you, the musician. Whether the listener gets any joy from hearing you play is another matter entirely!

If you aren't a musician - why not? I started by playing the recorder at school and caught the bug there. The thing is that even if the recorder is beyond you, try comb and paper or if you want to be posh, a kazoo. It's great fun to play a tune on such a simple contraption and ANYONE can do it. (That means you).

PRO TIP: start with no-one listening.
Just go for it when you're on your own sometime. Apart from anything else, it's a brilliant way to get rid of your tensions and frustrations.

As Samuel Pepys attests to in his diaries, our ancient forebears used to spend many happy hours in those television and computer-free days just singing and playing music in small gatherings. It is a wonderfully social thing to do.

I remember in my 'hippy' days when I lived in Sweden, that a dozen or so of us would just gather at someone's house where somebody would pull out a guitar and we'd just sing along (OK and drink!), just having great fun. Music is one of life's simplest and best pleasures.

If you don't believe you have a musician lurking within you, you'll sympathise with my first wife who as a newly qualified teacher arriving for the first day in school was asked whether she played the recorder. She apologised and explained that she played no musical instrument whatsoever. 'In that case, you'll be taking the beginners' was the reply!


  1. Tony as far a music talent I am at a minus whatever. Let me explain I had to do a google search to find out what a recorder is.I had heard of a kazoo but didn't know what that is either (thanks for the link) I do have a harmonica somewhere and I looked up online lessons 3 years ago but never put the harmonica to my lips I guess I'm just musically challenged

  2. I'm not sure what a recorder is either... personally, I grew up with the piano. It's been many a year, however, since I have sat down to play a tune. Not sure how well I might do given the opportunity!

    (And of course I know what wellies are... they are wellington boots, right?!)

  3. I come from a family of musically talented people. I am the black sheep in never having felt the slightest urge to play anything. But good for you for furthering your skills!

  4. Hey Tony! Would love to hear an update on your progress since 8 years ago... how did things progress? Are you still playing guitar? Did you stick with just the basic chords or move up to a more advanced level? Thanks and God bless!