Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Feeling in need of light relief? Look no further than this seriously silly story of the hotel chain who is offering a new service to it's guests.

The hotel is offering - wait for it - human bed warmers! Yes, for the princely sum of nothingpence, you can have cuddly members of the hotel staff climb into your bed to warm it up before you get in.

Some of you may be saddened to hear that even if they are especially attractive members of the opposite sex, they will be leaving your room after just 5 minutes.

The human hot water bottles are dressed up to look a bit like white cuddly teddy bears and it looks like they come as a pair - probably to ensure that the warming pans on legs don't provide any other extra curricular services.

I'm sure your mind is racing with the possibilities after hearing this but my main thought is 'where did I go wrong?' I could have been paid to lie in bed for a living and I just know I'd have been brilliant at this job!


  1. I'm caught between "great idea" and "ewww". Besides, that's what the hubs is for! :)

  2. Gee...
    I wonder if their business has increased as a result of this goofy gimmick.
    I don't think I'd like it.
    Do the bedwarmers change their bunny outfits in between beds?

  3. Urgh! would not want someone unknown to me warming my bed! In fact only Chris is allowed to warm my bed! Great blog Tony!