Wednesday, 9 June 2010


A couple of years before my Mum died she said "Are there any questions you want to ask me? Because once I'm dead it will be too late". Of course, I couldn't think of any back then - but since her death, there have been countless times when I've thought of some.

I mention this because I've just bought myself a Father's day present. Yes, yes, I know that isn't the idea but I'm sure that if dear daughter had seen it she'd have asked to borrow the money to buy it for me on the spot.

It's conveniently called "The Father's book" and the idea which the author puts forward is this:

"What was your favourite band when you were my age? What was your first job like? Were your parents strict? How did you meet Mum? What makes you afraid?

Have you ever asked your Dad any of these questions? The sad likelihood is that you haven't. Our Dads' stories tend to get overlooked, perhaps because Dads aren't that great about opening up, or perhaps because we aren't great at finding the time to ask them.

But don't let the opportunity to discover your father's story pass you by. Packed with all the questions you would ever need to ask, plus stories and poems to inspire him, The Father's Book is a gift for you and your Dad to share and treasure."

I'm going to have great fun filling the answers in and I hope that dear daughter will find them interesting. There is a Mother's book version too but sadly, they weren't published in time for me to give them to my own parents.

Maybe there's still time for you?


  1. Great idea, Tony. I will look out for that for my dad.

  2. I often think of things I wish I'd asked my parents, who I sadly lost a good many years ago :(