Sunday, 20 June 2010


Thanks to the Gothenburg newspaper which had given me a full page display in my search for a job as an au pair boy, I found myself sailing across the North Sea to Gothenburg. It was Wednesday, 31st January, 1968 and I was 21.

As the ship docked around 7.30 a.m., I noticed that there were a few photographers and reporters at the quayside. I wondered who they were greeting and it turned out to be me! This photo was part of a special lunchtime edition asking readers if they remembered me from the previous article and informing them that I had arrived. This was my 15 minutes of fame.

Bjorn and Agnetha, the couple who I was to live with as an au pair, met me and took me to their home. I was to look after the newborn baby to allow Mum to continue in her job. Much more importantly, I could now find Anna, the love of my life and we would live happily ever after.

At the first opportunity, I went to her home where I was quickly disillusioned as it became clear that my love was unrequited. Anna had enjoyed our holiday romance but that is all it was to her. I was dumped.

The pain was somewhat lessened by the fact that some 150 girls had offered their 'companionship' in response to the newspaper article. I began 'sampling' them. In addition, Bjorn was a jazz saxophonist with his own band and I toured with them at weekends when I was off duty. Through this I encountered a great many girls.

Although Agnetha had planned to go back to work after having her baby, as you may have guessed, once it was in her arms, she couldn't bear to leave it. I became redundant. Under the terms of being admitted into the country as an au pair, I was only allowed to stay for up to 3 months. Bjorn and Agnetha honoured their obligation to employ me for until the end of April but then I had to leave.

However, I now had a new love, Karin, another stunning blonde like Anna, and I moved in with her. Despite the regulations, I managed to stay a total of 10 months in the country which I had grown to love but then Karin and I ended our relationship amicably and I had to leave.

I had enjoyed a wonderful adventure but now that it was clear that I would not be emigrating to Sweden I needed to resume my life in England.

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