Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Those friends of mine who don't 'do' Twitter say things like 'Well they're not real friends are they?' Maybe not in the sense of having met them but when I was a child and had 'pen' friends I hadn't met them either. It didn't stop them being real though.

They say you can choose your friends but not your family. The suggestion is that your friends will be good ones because they were hand-picked. So are my Twitter friends.

They are not 'virtual'. I usually know their names and where they live. Through their tweets I get to know their character and a great deal about their daily lives. Or deaths.

One of my Twitter friends died suddenly and unexpectedly on Christmas Day. We mostly tweeted about our mutual love of music. Her last tweets still sit there on her page as a reminder of the fun person she was. she said "Grooving". "Hips moving, saxaphone. I am gone so gone........"

....and now she is and I am sad......."


  1. Tony, you made me cry twice in one day now, it's not on but it's true so true. I can now count on one hand twitter friends who I've met in real life who are some of my closest of friends and those I haven't who I genuinely adore and care deeply about, friends who are there when you are lying in a hospital bed in agony - making me laugh, taking the Mick and keeping me sane. Annie was one of those people, she always was so genuinely kind and caring towards me, someone as 'mad' as me and someone if I'd had a bad day would always say *passes brandy* or *hugs* her last tweet to me in the second snow talked about her feeling lucky with six inches- that was Annie, fun and slightly bonkers like the rest of us. I think you should have a lip night in her honour ? Today we is a very sad day on Twitter. Thank you so much Tony for saying what you did it was lovely xxx

  2. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend, Tony. I don't think I knew her but I do know that we make REAL friendships here in the interwebs and when we're lucky we get to meet in person too.


  3. Happy new year Tony ..I wonder what happens to our blogs when we are gone??

  4. That's sad... I have thought in the past what would happen to all my online presence if I die...

  5. I don't know friends, whether new or old, in any of my social networking sites who has died yet (at least I don't think so) *knock on wood* but when that inevitably happens it will probably a morbid experience for me to visit a page where they look so very much alive with people actively posting on a wall that they will never read....

    Very sad indeed :(