Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I remember my dear maternal grandmother fondly. I called her 'Nanna' so as not to confuse her with my Dad's mother who was 'Granny'. For some reason, some of these memories were of her doing the washing up. This was undoubtedly because I would be doing the drying up and listening avidly to the pearls of wisdom which fell from her lips.

As she aged, she developed glaucoma and when her eyesight failed she used to need to feel with her fingers where the muck was on the plates she washed. I would monitor them for her to make sure things were clean.

The advent of dishwashers has put paid to such tender moments of course. Women have now grown larger feet since they no longer need to stand close to the sink to wash the dishes. I for one am very grateful to their inventor and consider them a necessity rather than a luxury.

Not so one of our armed forces. I was hearing recently of a wife who discovered that when she moved into a 'Forces' house, she was not allowed a dishwasher because her husband wasn't an officer. I presumed this simply meant that officers were given a greater allowance of household gadgets but no, she was forbidden from having one even if she paid for and supplied it herself!

I wonder if they also insist that she do her laundry with a dolly tub?

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  1. I wonder if men who wash dishes have also grown larger feet.
    As to the poor armed forces wife, must keep those lesser beings in line, don't you know...