Sunday, 13 March 2011


"Yes Jenny."
"Why is that shop empty?"
"Oh, it's probably because of the financial recession. Lots of shops are closing down".
"No, it's open and people are buying stuff but the shelves are all empty."
"Oh right, well then it's restricted sales. It's stuff which is put out of sight because the government says so - like pornography for instance".
"Daddy?...What's a 'tobacconist'?"
"It's a shop that sells cigarettes and tobacco."
"Well that's what that empty shop was."
"Oh yes, well smoking is very bad for you so the government want all tobacco products put out of sight of children. That's what I meant by 'restricted sales'."
"Daddy?...What's 'pornography'?"
"It's pictures of ladies boobies. Pornography magazines are put on the very top shelf in shops."
"Is that so you don't have to bend down to see them in case you hurt your back, Daddy?"
"No, it's so they are out of sight of little girls like you."
"Well when I grow up I don't want to ever smoke cigarettes."
"I'm very glad to hear that Jenny."
"...and I certainly shan't be growing any boobies."

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