Wednesday, 2 March 2011


We had decided to go off for a days shopping and after due consideration about the best destination it was a case of Wales here we Cymru. Since I seem to get a speeding ticket every time I drive over to Wales we booked the train and resolved to leave the Cardiff behind in the garage.

When I told my friend about the trip he was quick to point out that the day we had chosen to go was St. David's day. "Go shopping in Wales on one of their busiest days of the year? You must be daff"'.

However, it was too late to change the day now so off we went. Predictably, most people were wearing daffodils to trumpet their Welshness and why wouldn't they? Some street sellers were even dressed as daffodils.

First we made for a nice looking cafe for some breakfast. Nothing like a nice plate of Brecon and eggs to set you up for the day.

Then it was off to the shops where my wife wanted some new buttons for a Cardigan of hers. Unfortunately, none of the shops she went to seemed to Abergavenny buttons which she liked though.

We both fancied a stroll in the park next and enjoyed watching the children feed the Swansea. The exercise soon gave us an appetite so off we went to a nice pub where I had Fishguard and Chepstow with mushy peas and my wife had Bangor s and mash.

The main shops were on the other side of a busy street. Indeed there were so Menai cars that we had to cross very Caerphilly. Then the weather turned nasty and we found we were getting Snowdon but it wasn't long before we were safely Neath the roof of a handy bus shelter.

There was a worrying moment when my wife thought she'd lost her train ticket but I found it with mine and Prestatyn to her hand.

We'd had a lovely day out and after a safe journey back we got home about twenty past Tenby.

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