Sunday, 27 February 2011


There are some news stories which are so amazing that they demand comment. Stories which are so newsworthy that they quickly fly round the world and become favourites all over the globe.

For instance, I doubt if there are many of you who haven't seen the incredible footage of Susan Boyle's audition on 'Britain's got talent'. Even if you saw it originally, it is still worth watching again.

The audience and judges alike were cynically smirking as she revealed her dream to sing professionally and become a star. They were then completely stunned as she began to sing and her voice 'blew them all away'. Of course, she received a standing ovation and is now an international singing success.

The current news sensation is no less surprising in nature. It is the story of the gang of five jewel thieves who were attacked and foiled in their attempts by a Granny armed only with her handbag.

This amazing lady, showing no regard for her own safety whatever, charged at the gang swinging her handbag at them wildly and was successful in that one of them fell off his getaway scooter. Once he was lying on the ground and his accomplices had made their escape, several men ran forward to hold him down until the police arrived. Apart from the one who didn't get away, two others have since been arrested and two more are still at large.

There has been much comment about the way so many men had stood back as the SuperGran steamed into the attack and did not enter the fray until it was relatively safe.

I feel the need to defend the honour of my sex. On the film of the incident, the robbers were clearly so stunned by the sight of this plucky old lady that although they were equipped with hammers, they made no attempt to defend themselves or to retaliate against her. However, if it had been a man instead of a Grandma, they would have seen him as a serious threat and would surely have attacked him.

The cartoon in The Times amused me. It depicted a switchboard operator answering the emergency phone line with "Emergency. Which service do you require.....Fire, Police, or Granny with handbag?"

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