Sunday, 6 February 2011


OK Here's the thing. I've been blogging for a couple of years now - normally posting my drivel on Wednesdays and Sundays. But I only recently discovered that Blogger, the host site which I use, has a most useful feature. Regardless of when I actually write a post, I can schedule it to appear on my site on a specific date at a specific time.

Just consider this for a moment. As we know, the muse is notoriously capricious and can desert a writer for long spells and then reappear in such a way that we can't get the words down fast enough. So now, I can dash off several blogs and set them up to explode onto the internet like time bombs at future dates.

Obviously, it is very convenient that I don't have to remember to post them myself on the set days - especially if I am on holiday lying on a beach somewhere. Yes dear reader, you are doomed to suffer them even when I am away on vacation. But have you seen where this leads us?

I am become immortal. I can set my scribblings to appear long after I am dead! All I have to do is to schedule my words of wisdom to appear on here in let us say, the year 2050 when I shall be but a distant memory. I'll be a sort of digital version of Samuel Pepys.

The problem is, I can think of absolutely nothing to say to future generations that they might want to read.


  1. You assume that Blogger will be in existence in 2050. Other than that you've hit on a great idea! :-P

  2. Ha ha! Very funny! Great read, as always! X

  3. Thanks Tony. Are you as tired of winter as I am?

  4. I like your thinking. It's like that schmaltzy film I watched the other night: P.S. I Love You (that was the name of the film - I'm not being fresh with you!)