Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Whatever your mental image of me might be as I sit here tapping at the keyboard for your benefit, please add a pair of sunglasses to it. You see, I'm feeling pretty cool.

Yesterday I bought my first pair of MBTs. This stands for 'Masai Barefoot Technology' for it was apparently watching Masai tribe people walking that gave them the bright idea that the sole of our shoe should be curved so that we feel unstable and have to work our muscles constantly - that's a good thing.

My brain being what it is, I keep telling people that I just bought a pair of MTBs which of course are Motor Torpedo Boats. Come to think of it, owning those would be pretty cool too.

So now, when I'm standing still, I'm not. I'm actually rocking gently back and forwards like a drunkard. In fact, I'm swaying like a big, burly, tall drunkard which has the added bonus that people seem to give me plenty of space.

When I'm walking, my foot now rolls from back to front so if I'm not rocking I'm rolling. Of course, my rock and roll days never ended. I can do Granddad dancing as well as anyone.

Which gives me an idea. I wonder if MBT make Granddad slippers?


  1. I think I'll shop the new Spring Line

  2. Due to my misspent youth as a care worker my back is knackered and I swear by MBTs.Just a pity the skechers/reebok versions coming out hasnt lopped a few quid off the price tag.Think my mbts cost more than every pair of shoes I've had in last 5 years put together