Wednesday, 7 September 2011


It's funny where one's train of thought can take you.

For instance I was stuck on a crossword clue this morning. The clue was 'American cricket'. Now being unaware that Americans ever played our lovely game, this perplexed me until I discovered 'Katydid' in the encyclopaedia. This is a small insect with long legs and is noted for its loud mating call.

Curious name I thought - puts me in mind of the Susan Coolidge books, 'What Katy did' and 'What Katy did next'.

This in turn caused me to think of 'what Katie did in her every waking moment'. You see I had recently read that Katie Price, that well known master of the written word, not content with having written four autobiographies for our literary delight, apparently considers her life to be of such significance that it warrants a glossy magazine cleverly entitled 'Katie'. Will anyone be able to resist finding out what her tattoos mean or how she always leaves two Rice Krispies in the bowl? I sincerely hope so.

Which of course brings us full circle to the insect with long legs noted for its loud mating call.

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