Sunday, 11 September 2011


A correspondent in the Daily Mail offers a remarkable example of how times have changed.

I well remember the childhood joy of Sunday lunch with my family. There is nothing quite like the smell of a roast cooking to whet the appetite. Of course cooking a roast dinner is not achieved without hard work and my Mum used to share the burden by getting us to help out by peeling the potatoes, top and tail the carrots or pod the fresh peas.

Of course nowadays, peas are most frequently bought in frozen form and to the younger generation, their source is a mystery as evidenced by the aforesaid correspondent who describes her experience at a supermarket checkout. The cashier, a young girl in her teens, picked up the bag of fresh pea pods and examined them with great puzzlement.

'Excuse me, are these beans or peppers?' she enquired. When informed that they were peas she laughed and replied "Don't be silly. Everyone knows that peas are round". The correspondent opened a pod to prove that there were indeed peas lurking within.

Oh the ignorance innocence of youth!

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  1. Oh dear! I had trouble convincing someone recently that broad beans came out of pods lined with "furry" stuff!