Sunday, 6 January 2013


I was never in the scouts. My general ineptitude is a witness to this fact. 

However, I was in the sea scouts which is some sort of watery version, but only for one day. I quickly discovered that sea scouting had nothing to interest me but for some reason, my parents were upset with me for making this decision. Something to do with the cost of the uniform I think.

Of course I was unable to join the brownies even if I'd wanted to on grounds of sex and yet I am occasionally awarded brownie points for my hidden talents. 

The most recent example of this occurred the other day when to my wife's absolute joy, I saved her from countless hours of tedious ironing. This is not the first time my skills at ironing have been called upon.

On this occasion, my wife's energy levels were flagging and she asked me if I would mind finishing the chore off by ironing my handkerchiefs. Delighted to be of help I pointed out that there was no need to iron them since the moment I remove one from the drawer it is immediately sneezed upon and placed in a damp, crumpled state in my pocket. They merely need to be dried and may be left in their creased state for future use.

The discovery that she would never have to iron them again has filled her with joy. My only concern is that she might stop to consider the many years during which she has needlessly undertaken this task and see this as a failure to communicate on my part.


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