Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Good news guys! The European Commision have decided that the car insurance companies cannot any longer let women have cheaper car insurance than men just because they always drive with a high-heeled shoe on the brake. 

Whether or not women are safer drivers than men matters not, they must pay the same as us. This means of course, than very soon our driving insurance premiums will be reduced to be in line with those of the fairer sex - right?

Wrong. Apparently this would mean that those poor cash-strapped insurance companies would lose money and we can't have that can we? OK so what will actually happen is that women's premiums will be raised a little and men's premiums will be lowered a little so that they are the same - right?

Wrong again. Adjusting all those premiums would be far too much work for the aforesaid insurance chappies and chappesses.

Therefore presumably, women's premiums will simply be raised to match those of the men and the companies will therefore make a lot more profit. However I believe that they will then use this profit to lower premiums for all on renewal.

I also believe in elves, gnomes, the tooth fairy and that there is an urgent need for a new runway at Heathrow to cater for flying pigs.    

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