Sunday, 30 December 2012


It will soon be time to take down your decorations and throw away your Christmas cards - that is if you received any in the first place.

Apparently the first Christmas cards were illustrated by a certain John Horsley in London on the 1st of May 1843. The picture, which was of a family with a small child drinking wine together, was controversial, but the idea of creating and then sending Christmas cards to friends and family caught on.

Sadly the tradition seems to have run its course. No doubt the continued rise in postage costs has taken its toll. At 50p per card, £1 for sending a pair is a considerable outlay and although I have resisted for years I finally succumbed to handing some of mine out to people as I encounter them.

The next generation are avoiding the cost in a different way. It seems that e-cards are the thing today. To my Neolithic mind, nothing says that you couldn't really give a damn more than sending someone an e-card. 

When we decorate the house, we stick the cards onto the doors which has a very pleasing effect on an otherwise barren space. If the future is e-cards, does that mean I shall have to print them off to cover the doors with?

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