Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I know I'm not alone in being a great fan of 'Strictly Come Dancing'. Apart from the delight of the actual competition, I also watch it in order to augment my Granddad dancing skills.

However, while watching the other night there was an added benefit. Head judge Len used a phrase which rang a huge bell in my head and took me back to my childhood days. The phrase was 'Yum, yum, pig's bum'.

Sadly I can find nothing about it's origin. The version which I knew was

'Yum, yum, pig's bum,
All wrapped up in chewing gum -
Take a slice, very nice.'

There appears to be an Irish form which goes:
'Yum, yum, pig's bum,
Cabbage and potatoes.'

It clearly refers to the meal consisting of that part of the pig's anatomy.

Of course there is a dirtier version which I'm happy to share with you. Look away now if you are of a delicate disposition.

'Yum yum bubble gum
stick it up the teachers bum
if it sticks
pull her tits
and turn it into weetabix'.

Boys will be boys ...


  1. My wonderful dad passed away on Dec 9th and was interred just before Christmas. Most children were brought up with nursery rhymes such as "Little Bo Peep", etc? Us? No. We got such literary gems as "Yum yum, pigs bum / you can't have none." Not to mention, "the funniest thing you ever did see / was an elephant climbing a rhubard tree." And his encore? "In bygone times, when birds pooped lime / And monkeys chewed tobbaco / A little doggy run wiv a feather up his bum / to see which way the wind blew. / The wind blew norf, the wind blew sarf / The wind blew the feather from his bum to his mouth." Of course, it must be recited in a broad cockney accent.

  2. My childhood version, in Sydney, Australia, was 'Yum Yum pig's bum makes good chewing gum'.