Wednesday, 8 January 2014


No doubt some of you have made New Year resolutions.

I just have the one - not to make any. I just can't bear the sense of failure when - well when you fail.

If you must make one I hope it's to give up smoking. I'm one of those pious ex-smokers who now feel that it's an obnoxious habit but if you are addicted, I feel your pain.

Here are my tips for how to give it up. 

1. Plan ahead. In my case I allowed 14 years for this. I was a cigarette smoker and knew that one day I would want to give up. I also knew that I would find it impossible to do so given my absolute dependence on my fags.  Then I devised my cunning plan. It occurred to me that giving up a pipe should be easier because pipe-smokers are already used to going for a few hours without smoking. So I switched to a pipe. Then 14 years later I gave it up.

2. Give up pipe-smoking. This is explained here.

What's that you say? You're female and women don't smoke pipes? Think again.


  1. lol. My Dad's solution was having a heart attack, fortunately, he survived to make good with his promise.