Sunday, 1 November 2009


I have a theory. I have held it for many years now but I reveal it with some trepidation because I suspect that you will disprove it dear reader.

My theory is simple. I believe that for most people, their favourite time of the year is around their birthday. I don't mean the day itself. I mean the seasonal aspects of that time of year.

In my own case, although I love the energy and vibrance of spring with its bursting new growth; although I love the hot summer sun and the balmy days spent on carefree holidays; although I love the crisp, chilly, wintry days, especially when accompanied with a fresh fall of snow; although I love all these, my favourite time is Autumn. To be more precise, it's the latter days of Autumn when the smoke of fires is on the air and the mists begin to appear.

My birthday is on November 6th and this falls the day after 'Guy Fawkes night'. This is when we celebrate the failure of the Gunpowder plotters in their attempt to blow up our parliament in 1605. Traditionally, this involves a large bonfire and letting off fireworks. Nowadays, this is usually done in large public gatherings but when I was a child, each household tended to do their own bonfire and fireworks - health & safety nightmare! Of course, my birthday celebrations turned into a bonfire and firework party which was the most magical way to spend your birthday as you can imagine.

So that is my theory. I think the reason why it holds true for me and for so many others, is that we never quite forget those childhood days of eager anticipation for the big event of our birthday and the accompanying cards and presents. The falling leaves and misty, smoky days were a harbinger of my special day. I hope your birthdays are as special for you.


  1. You know I never really thought about it but my birthday is in spring and I love spring. New planting season, new camping season. Hmmm, Great thought. Thanks.

  2. I love your optimisism, Tony! It's only 5 days to your birthday so I will say it in advance! HAPPY BORNDAY 2 U!!

  3. Never thought about seasons and birthdays either, so good point to bring up. My birthday is in July; I love summer and the hot days --- Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  4. Happy birthday in advance. I'll set off some fireworks for you.

  5. I guess instead of wishing you happy birthday in advance, I'll make it a rather belated wish! :)

    Mine is in the dead of winter, and it happens to be on the shortest day of the year too. 21 Dec. No, your theory doesn't work here I'm afraid. I hate winter, and I surely dislike the shortest day of the year!! I'm sure there are psychological inflictions due to the fact that I was born on such a day. Hmmm, wonder what they could be...