Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Now I know you'll find this hard to believe but I winge a lot. One of my eternal gripes is the constant road works which we seem to get on the stretch of motorway near us and this seems to have spread to smaller roads which are closer still.

Thumbing through Grampa's book, 'Pierrot's Album', which I introduced you to in my post called simply,'Pierrot', I discover that my affliction is clearly hereditary. I was born in 59 Tanworth Lane, Shirley and Grampa lived two doors away in 55.

He wrote this little poem in 1931 - 78 years ago! This was the year he moved into his house and it was before the road had been surfaced. The poem was published in the local paper and as you will see, proves that "there is nothing new under the sun".


In Shirley's heard a sweet refrain
"Let's go and dig up Tanworth Lane".
Builders, sewermen, gas-men too,
All dig holes to obscure our view.

They dig a deep hole for a drain
And then they cover it up again.
The gas-man then he doth appear
Saying "Come on Bill, our course is clear,
We really must have a hole down here".

Saturdays, Sundays there's no rest,
They dig and dig with added zest.
We take much mud into our houses
And Oh! you should see poor Pa's "trousis!".

When Father Xmas comes by heck!
He'll fall and break his poor old neck.

Perhaps some day our good surveyor
Will send his men with tarmac layer
And thus rejoice the poor ratepayer.


  1. Tony what a poem just outstanding

  2. Love that poem, oh so true! And there is nothing new under the sun around the world... here in the U.S., it seems road work is a constant menace. It was enough to make you cry in Ohio!

    Winge... I've learned another new Brit word. :)