Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I sometimes fail to spot things. There was an occasion involving my first wife - you'll understand in a moment why she is my 'ex' - when she returned from a shopping trip wearing a new outfit. This wasn't just a new dress but a skin-tight snakeskin trouser suit. I didn't notice it, much to my shame.

I am more attentive with my second wife. I have learned the hard way that when she has gone for a hair appointment, my line on her return is 'Ooh, your hair looks nice dear'. I even remember to stop reading and look up at her before saying it.

I also sometimes forget things. Like forgetting to zip up when I've had a wee (this is a well-known 'old man' thing). Another example is that I have to put things somewhere where I'll literally fall over them or I'll never remember to deal with them.

I take some comfort though from learning of the Macedonian gentleman who was on a motoring holiday in Europe with his wife. He filled up with petrol near Pesaro in central Italy and got a call 6 hours later in Germany to point out that his wife was still at the petrol station. Apparently, she always sat in the back and clearly she wasn't a back-seat driver because he hadn't noticed she wasn't there! If you don't believe me check here.

Even I'm not that bad. Now, what was I saying?


  1. Tony my favorite saying is " Yes dear what ever you want" makes life so much easier

  2. Oh, I can't wait to tell MHS about this man. He thinks I'm losing it, I'm so forgetful lately. I can't hold a candle to this guy tho.

  3. Ha ha! Very good Tony! I forget a few things too!I do what you do and put things where I can't possibly miss them! Chris is very good at saying my hair looks good and he has just about managed to take his eyes off his paper too!
    Love Ann XXX

  4. OMG. Now THAT is bad. How could he seriously not realize his wife was not with him???

    I do find that as I age, I tend to forget more. I make more lists these days. But I wonder - do I forget more because my brain is aging, or am I forgetful because our lives are so much busier than they ever were??!

    Oh and the opossum... he was truly playing dead. He was back again last night, up on the porch rail eating some leftover cat food. I had to walk out with the girls, and Ringo, and hope he stayed where he was. He did. I watched our black cat, Barack, jump up on the rail and sit at the opposite end for about 15 mins. You could tell he was trying to figure out how to get to his food... he finally walked toward the opossum and just walked right over him to eat. He was straddled over the opossum, which did not move and in fact had a huge snarl on its face. *sigh* If hubby sees that thing on our back porch, I tell you it will not live to see another day! I am the kind one who lets all creatures live.