Wednesday, 6 January 2010


That's it then. Another year done and dusted.

As we took down the Christmas decorations I remarked to my wife that it felt like it does when you are coming back from holiday. It's lovely to go away but so much nicer to come home as Frank Sinatra used to sing.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year but it does rather take over the house doesn't it? It felt so good to be putting our home back to normal again.

We saw in the New Year and saw everyone else round the globe see it in as is the fashion nowadays. Is it me or are the firework displays becoming a bit habitual? After 'Wow', 'Amazing' and 'Incredible' I'm starting to run out of words.

Then of course, one's attention turns to making New Year's resolutions. Although as someone has pointed out, we should be vowing to improve ourselves more than just once a year.

Anyway, I went with the flow and thought up a couple or three for myself. Sadly, the traditional one about losing weight fell by the wayside in the first nano-second as I reached for the chocolates and peanuts.

Then I got to thinking. There has to be a better way. So I have come up with a revolutionary idea for these resolutions and I put it to my wife who readily embraced it. Simple really - we each set one for each other. It worked well because in both cases, we correctly predicted what the other would choose. Mine was for me to do more to help around the house and my wife's, which would have been my choice for her, was to be tidier.

The point is that if either of us fails to maintain our resolve, it lets the other off the hook - so if I want my wife to keep things tidy I'd better get that vacuum out!