Sunday, 10 January 2010


So Britain is suffering it's worst winter since 1963. We're under snow and don't have the infrastructure that other countries which are used to this weather have. However, being the optimist I am, I decided to try to come up with 10 good things about living in the snow in freezing conditions. It's been very difficult but here goes.

1. It's all very pretty. We have Christmas card views everywhere.

2. There's less traffic on the roads. We may have to drive a bit slower but fewer cars around counterbalances things quite a lot.

3. I have a very good excuse for not tackling gardening chores - weeding, mowing, watering, digging - all impossible!

4. It's easy to entertain the kids. They just love it - and building a decent snowman takes a long time.

5. If you feed the birds and I hope you do, there are plenty of good opportunities to see them gratefully visiting your garden.

6. There are less people in the shops so less jostling at the tills.

7. People are friendlier and there's more camaraderie and good will around.

8. There's a chance to practice winter sports like tobogganing.

9. It's a good time to re-acquaint yourselves with some old winter clothing favourites which don't get used too often.

10. It's also a great opportunity to catch up with those jobs at home which get left for a rainy/snowy day - like putting photos in albums for instance.

There you have it - 10 reasons to be cheerful - of course I could have written 100 reasons to be miserable but then so could you!


  1. So I'm curious. Have you been practicing your tobogganing?

  2. Hi there Tony,
    My Mom shut her Listen2Auntie blog. Now I get to blog!
    I like snow, but only in small doses. I heard about your crazy snow in the UK on the news.
    Just don't step on any yellow snow.

  3. I simply spend more time looking for warmer weather LOL

  4. I'm glad you are finding good things about the snow! We had four feet here last year (I kid you not) and this year we have none. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Most of me is okay with that, but part of me would like just a little...

  5. Well then. I'll just bet all your photos are finally organized aren't they? LOL

    I don't miss all the snow we had in Ohio - there was tons of it when I visited Ohio last week. (Joe, you can keep it!)

    Kansas suits me better. It can still get cold, but our average daytime temps are in the 40s (F), which I can certainly live with!

    Oh Tony, by the way... thanks for your advice re: the bedbugs. I think you gave me the best advice out of all my readers. LMAO....