Sunday, 18 April 2010


I suppose that there are some people who actually keep their car in their garage. How very short-sighted of them. Do they not realise what a valuable commodity a garage is for the storage of all kinds of junk?

I have no such myopic vision. I've been keeping my various garages well stocked with junk for many, many years. Old bits of furniture, wine, garden tools, beer, sun loungers, wine and beer, beach equipment, beer and wine - it's a very long list.

However, when I acquired my present garage it came along with my retirement. Now when some guys retire they buy a Harley or have a pond stocked with coy carp. I'm a little more frugal than that so I decided to put up a dart board. This required a bit more space than is usually available in my garages so the junk was pushed to the edges, or up in the rafters or hung on hooks. Eventually, I had a long, narrow space in which to begin my journey to becoming a professional darts player.

I soon found that my darts were not going where I aimed them. I needed better lighting. The electrician was summoned and soon the dartboard was bathed in light. This didn't improve my scoring though. Then I realised that it was the uncomfortable floor I was standing on that was causing the problem. I found some old but clean carpet and laid it down. It looked odd as a long strip so I expanded it to other areas of the garage. The garage had become a den!

So how come I was still getting low scores? The answer was simple. It was too cold in there. I dragged my wife off to Costco and we returned with a nice shiny space heater plus a large number of essentials which we'd not realised we needed but which my dear wife had discovered whilst I was analysing and comparing the various types of garage heaters.

I switched on the heater and now I had finished feathering my nest. It was warm, dry and very cosy. From this haven of tranquility a new life would spawn. After a hopefully short period of incubation, the world would witness the birth of a new darts phenomenon. Wouldn't it?

Watch this space....


  1. Sounds almost cosy! I played darts a few times years ago, gave me a real sore arm!

  2. Sounds like my kind of Garage. I just finished putting the "garden shed" together after a year of waiting. Now I can clean my garage and set up the "putting green" LOL