Sunday, 25 April 2010


Just when I think all is well in my life - Wham! I get my wallet pinched.

After exhaustive searches it is clear that it fell out of my pocket in one of two places. In both cases, there is a nearby office where it could have been handed in, so since they didn't do that it's clear that someone has found it and kept it. They may have taken the cash and tossed the rest away or may have set to using my credit cards and proof of identity cards and the worry for me is that I don't know which.

What did I lose? Well the biggest loss is two precious photos of my wife and daughter which I had no copies of. This reminds me of the advice which the Australian government gave out during the bush fires to people about to flee their homes. The advice was to grab your photos as a priority, because most other stuff can be replaced.

They also got some cash - I don't know how much, various credit cards and membership cards, my bus pass and driving licence.

What do they now know about me? They know I'm a "senior" and they know what I look like. They know my address and birthdate. They know I play darts and bridge, belong to the National Trust and the R.A.C.

What do I know about them? I know that the person who found my wallet is a thieving piece of dog's mess.


  1. Sorry for your loss. And yes, not keeping precious photos in the wallet is a good advice.
    i had my wallet stolen...oh well, i dont even remember how many times, the feeling just sucks.

  2. so sorry this happened. :( they could have at least took the cash and turned the wallet in.

  3. I do feel for you re the precious photos taken with your wallet. I used to work on the Crime Desk at Police Station & was always saddened when speaking to people (usually senior citizens) who had had their purses/wallets stolen & were more upset at having irreplaceable photos taken than money. I now only take out cards/money that I need but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Did you check nearby bins because these scumbags sometimes take the money & discard wallet.

  4. That's awful.. such nasty nasty people.

    I have been a victim of burglary and I know how awful a loss like this can be..

  5. I remember the panic that set in when I thought I lost my wallet. Now the same things happens when I misplace my glasses. Without my glasses I couldn't find my wallet and I might mistake my wife for a dartboard. Good Luck. I found a wallet once and turned it in anonymously. The lady put an ad in the paper to thank (whoever) Have a great week