Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Bob Hope once said.... "People who throw kisses are hopelessly lazy". I wonder what he'd have thought of all the xxx's in our modern texts and emails.

Some people seem to throw their xxx's around with gay abandon not to say over-enthusiasm......and it worries me, especially where the different sexes are concerned.

I mean just what is the proper etiquette here? If a female sends me a message and adds an 'x' after their name is it OK for me to 'x' them back or I am being too forward? Does it count as infidelity?

Is it OK for me to 'x' them first time round or is that grounds for divorce? What if I 'x' them and they 'xx' me? Is that a come-on? I need to ask Tiger Woods - he seems to be the expert on these things.

Then there's the whole question of quantity. Presumably a single 'x' is a light peck on the cheek, a double 'xx' is a longer cheek kiss, three 'xxx' would be the same but with an embrace, four 'xxxx' must be a kiss on the lips, five 'xxxxx' will be tongues and any more than that has got to be full on sex.

All I know is that when I email my daughter, I give her 'xxx'. Any more than that might be construed as incestuous!


  1. Tony you have to stop writing these X rated posts

  2. Just relax and enjoy the xx's sometimes it can brighten your day xx (lol)

  3. A little X here and there hurt no one Xx