Sunday, 29 August 2010


Lucy is a typical, lively 12 year-old girl except that she has muscular dystrophy. This confines her to a wheelchair and it is terminal. This doesn't stop her from living life to the full though as I discovered when I was privileged to spend some time with her recently. Have a listen in -

Lucy: "OK so you're the boss and I'm your fashion designer that's why I have the clipboard".
Me: "Lucy, I've called this meeting so we can discuss what this year's fashions are going to be - any ideas?".
Lucy: "Sure, I thought we'd produce clothes for toddlers".
Me: "Any ideas for colours?"
Lucy: "I thought pink and purple for the girls and blue and purple for the boys".
Me: "Sounds good and.."
Lucy: "Your phone's ringing" (it wasn't).
Me: (pretends to answer phone) "Hello, who is this?"
Lucy: (whispering) "it's your daughter".
Me: "Oh hi ermmm.."
Lucy: "Her name's Gill"
Me: "Hi Gill how's everything? Are you at college?"
Lucy: "She's 8".
Me: "Sorry I mean are you at school?"
Lucy: 'I was joking - she's 18"
Me: "You misheard me Gill, I said 'college' - anyway I'm in the middle of an important meeting with my chief fashion designer. Can I call you back later? OK bye". Sorry about that Lucy now where were we?"
Lucy: 'Your phone's ringing again"
Me: (pretends to answer) "Hello ermmm..."
Lucy: "It's your Grandma"
Me: :Hi Grandma! I wasn't expecting to hear from you again after we cremated you"
Lucy: "She's deaf"

This continued for about an hour. By the time we went home I was exhausted!
Don't you just love Lucy?


  1. Sometimes delightful is found where sadness dwells. That's why I love my job also. I get delighted and floored on a daily basis. Well written and enjoyed.

    Nearly Nellied Aka Pammy