Sunday, 12 September 2010


We've all done the 'What if we won the lottery?' pipe dream and sorted out how we would spend the money. No doubt like me you were a little more or a little less generous depending on how much the winnings were. It's sad though that this hypothetical flight of fancy has pushed an old favourite out of the picture.

Remember Aladdin? Suppose you found the lamp, buffed it up and the Genie offered you just one wish.......and no, you can't wish for three more wishes!

I've pondered this and one thought was a new life as a bronzed adonis prowling the Californian beaches catching the eye of all the beautiful females. I'd be single of course and would court a different girl each day enjoying the thrill of the chase and the bedroom encounters to follow (sigh).

Then 'pop' goes the bubble as I mentally wind on a few weeks and realise just how bored I would become with it all. Besides, the worst thing about this scenario is that it doesn't include my lovely wife.

Have you decided on your wish yet?

To help you along, my next potential wish is for my wife and I to be young again - back to those heady days of courtship when we would spend hours on the phone finishing with 'You hang up first" - "No you hang up first". (Sigh).

Then I remember some of the difficult times we went through when times were hard or loved ones died. I don't want to go through all that again. Overall I am very happy in my own skin even though it may be over-stretched and a touch flabby.

So here's the deal. My one wish would be that as I continue to grow old disgracefully, comfortably financed by the kids' inheritance, I wish that I can retain my mental faculties right to the end. If only so that I can continue to see through the lure of those Californian blondes.


  1. I'm glad you did the thinking for me.. I enjoyed the Bee song thanks

  2. "growing old disgracefully"! I love it!

  3. Hi Tony - good blog.
    You gotta wish for a $100 million - sorry, pounds. Money buys everything. And assuming you use it wisely, happiness.