Sunday, 26 September 2010


I have a lovely photo of myself taken immediately after the birth of my daughter. She is lying on my lap and I am gazing down full of obvious pride and awe at this wonderful gift which somehow shrouded in mystery, my wife and I created. There can't be many better moments in life than the first view of your own new born child. For those lucky enough to experience it, it is a feeling that will stay in your memory throughout your lifetime.

It is precisely because I remember that feeling so well that I recognised it again the other day when I experienced it for the second time. No, I haven't miraculously conceived. If I had I'd be demanding a refund from the clinic and a grovelling apology for the expensive and excruciating pain which they caused me.

No, I had created a totally different baby. It was round and perfectly formed. It was beautiful. It was tough skinned but soft and yielding within. It was a gorgeous shade of brown. It even smelled almost as good as a new born baby. In short, I had baked my first ever loaf of bread.

I had toiled hard to create it and kneaded it to within an inch of its life. The effort proved to be worth ever bead of sweat as I sliced the crusty loaf, lavished it with butter and devoured it sensuously. It was quite delicious. The next day it also made perfect toast.

As a result of this, I am so pleased with my new creative ability, that I can't wait to get another bun in the oven.

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