Sunday, 21 November 2010


If you're anything like me, you spend a lot of time playing games on your computer or mobile phone. If you're less techno, it might be solitaire or jigsaws. I love doing this but I always feel a little bit guilty when I've finished. My thoughts are usually based around "I could have been doing .... instead". Well I may have the answer.

Next time you reach for the mouse / cellphone / jigsaw or pack of cards consider doing one of the following instead. The important point is that you can do them all sitting down in your favourite comfy place.

1. (My favourite). Stage 1: Make a list of jobs which you need to do. This could be a lengthy list and might well include some of the items below but don't despair as the list grows because next we have - Stage 2: Prioritise your list. This makes you feel a whole lot better as you push some of the jobs into the background.

2. Organise your photos. Sort them out, discard some, stick them in albums, label them and while you're doing it, think of how much the kids will appreciate your efforts after you drop off the perch. Last Christmas, my wife made individual photo albums for the kids showing them at various stages of growing up. They both said these were the best presents they'd ever had.

3. Make a meal plan for the week. This has nothing to do with diets or healthy eating (unless you want it to), just have fun thinking ahead to what you'd like to eat each day. Give some thought to being a little more adventurous when you know you will have more time available and don't be afraid to include take-aways.

4. Write letters. This is so much fun as an activity and the recipients will love you for it. Consider slipping some of those photos in with the letter too. I have a relative who lives in Australia who sends me wonderful letters and he always sticks something inside - last time it was a Kookaburra feather!

5. Write down some of your memories. make sure you buy a special book or journal for this. think of it as a sort of diary set in the past.

If you do some of these I can pretty much guarantee that you'll feel you've really achieved something with your time. Anyway..... back to my game of solitaire.


  1. In my spare time this week I talked with the grandson of initially "unidentified man", commonly known as "Body 115" after its mortuary tag number,from the The King's Cross fire. I really knew you wanted to know that LOL.. It is a small world

  2. What great suggestions, Tony. I particularly like the idea of making an album of photos for the children - a good idea for my daughters this Christmas.

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    What uppercase suggestions, Tony. I specially like the air of making an album of photos for the children - a moral tune for my daughters this Yule.

  4. #2 and #4, wonderful ideas Tony! I have too many photos in my iPhoto album that need organized (again). I love the letter-writing idea and always slipping something inside, any recipient would love to get something other than a bill in the mail.

    Re: the photo album for the kids. I started a scrap book for my son, um, 2 years ago? Can't seem to get my creative juices flowing enough to finish it... :-(