Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Let's face it, it is a problem. If you were in charge of scheduling television programs for Channel PQR to be screened at the same time as the royal wedding that is.

At the last count it was expected that well over 30 million people would be watching Kate say 'I do' so you can knock them off your viewing figures before you start. Presumably the first question to ask yourself is 'What is my target audience?'

If my wife is anything to go by one of the main interests in THE wedding is to see the ladies' fashions and to catch up with the social gossip so it's a safe bet that your channel's audience will be predominantly males. That being the case, you could play safe with some sort of testosterone laden sport such as Sumo wrestling or ladies beach volleyball I suppose.

I thought to cast my eye over the actual television options available to the three people not watching Westminster and discovered that if you wished you were on a different planet you could boldly go into outer space with 'Star Trek' to avoid the royal nuptials.

There was a reminder that those who don't marry can remain 'Just Good Friends'.

'Partners in crime' was an option or thinking ahead to Kate's future after the great day there was 'Desperate Housewives'.

But on balance I hereby give my TWAT award (The Wedding Alternative Television) to Channel 4. They had clearly put serious thought into their TV option. So if the royal wedding wasn't for you you could watch 'Wife Swap' - just brilliant.

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