Sunday, 1 May 2011


Even though I fully expected to be invited to the big wedding, it was a delight to actually receive the official invitation and even though they knew full well that we would be attending, I did the correct thing and sent an official reply to reassure them that my wife and I would be very pleased to attend.

After all, I've known the bride for a great many years and she has always been a princess in my eyes. Because I know her so well, I was even privileged to see the wedding dress in advance. This did come with many caveats though. It was made clear that the version I was shown was not identical to the final one but very close to it. I was also sworn to total secrecy being warned not to tell a living soul about what has of course, been a very closely guarded secret.

Although she has waited a long time for this happy day the 'Princess' has chosen well and they will make a lovely couple. My one disappointment was in not getting to meet the bridegroom's family prior to the event but this is entirely understandable given their circumstances.

It is a shame that not everyone can be admitted to the wedding service but of course numbers are limited and well wishers who were not lucky enough to receive an invitation will no doubt be waiting outside to greet the newlyweds as they emerge afterwards.

All I know, is that as I walk my daughter down the aisle in June, I shall be as proud as Kate Middleton's father must have been as he gave his daughter away.


  1. I loved this post. I half expected the ending, but this only added to my enjoyment. I hope you have as wonderful a day as we did 18 months ago on a similar occasion.

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