Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I just got back from a few days in Cornwall. It's a curious place. Although it's the southern-most English county, the locals call it 'Kernow' and ask holidaymakers if they've come down from England.

Anyway, we were sitting having drinks in a bar when I became aware of a family group sitting at a table over to my right. There was Mum, Dad and a small troublesome tornado called 'Bruno'. My guess is that Bruno was about 5 years old.

He was a real handful and kept tearing round the place trying to find as many ways as possible to avoid doing anything which his parents suggested.

Whilst my wife and I quietly sipped our drinks, the family's food arrived and Bruno settled down on his chair to scoff his bowl of chips. I was very amused by the conversation which followed.

Using a sort of 'Where do babies come from?' voice, Bruno asked 'Why do you drink wine Mummy?'.

His mother gazed at him with eyes full of motherly love and replied 'I drink wine because of you darling'.

My guess is she would need about three bottles a day.

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  1. lol out of the mouths of desperate mothers! Of course she could consider firmer boundaries or just consider the poor unsuspecting people they come into contact with. I was enjoying a coke while reading your post but luckily I wasn't about to sip when I came to the pay off!