Wednesday, 1 February 2012


It is increasingly the case that a stroll through our city streets in the early hours of a Saturday or Sunday morning will reveal humanity at its worst with drunken fights taking place or simply drunks wandering helplessly about in a forlorn attempt to get themselves home.

The drunken women are generally the most pathetic cases as they stumble round often missing a shoe or are found slumped on pavements with their dress in disarray and handbags or other valuables in plain view for any passing thief to grab.

No doubt those wonderful people who chose to become paramedics did not expect to finish up as bus conductors where all the passengers are drunks but many of them find themselves in that situation.

Many of our cities run 'booze bus' services to deal with the weekend revellers who end up 'paramedic paralytic' being sat down in the ambulance, draped with towels and then with a supermarket carrier hung round their necks to vomit into. They then resemble horses being fed with nose bags having lost all the dignity which they possessed when they left home all smartly dressed earlier in the evening.

So all in all this is a wonderful service which the health service provide but isn't it a bit sad that such a service is needed in order to look after the drunks in our society?

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