Sunday, 19 February 2012


I doubt there are many people who I haven't told that I will shortly become a Grandfather. Just three months to go now.

There have been two main issues. One was keeping my wife out of baby shops or at least stopping her from buying all their stock if she did visit.

The second issue is what it's name will be. Obviously this isn't our decision to make but happily, we have been included in the decision process. I am sworn to secrecy as to the hot runners at the moment but it set me to thinking about favoured names in past years.

There is an excellent website which provides this information and my first port of call was to check out how popular my own name was way back when. I began by checking where 'Anthony' came in the top ten for my birth year. It didn't. Nor was it in the top twenty, thirty or forty. Well thanks Mum and Dad, you called me by the 44th favourite name of the year. What was wrong with 'James', which was first in the list?

Then I checked my brother's name, Michael. Here it is - 4th most popular for the year. Not 44th - FOURTH. Not that I'm jealous of course.

Then it dawned on me. No doubt my parents were just trying to be a bit different. They probably gave me a less popular first name but chose my second name from the top ten...let's see 'Peter' is...38th. Ah well.

The point is - whatever my grandchild's name is he or she will be greatly loved and that's what matters - as my parents surely realised.

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  1. Never mind Tony, I see you are in the current top 10. Obviously it was just a matter of time...