Sunday, 29 January 2012


Have you ever entered a lift - you know, one of those things which our friends across the pond call an elevator - and pressed the 'close doors' button to speed up the process?

Worse still, have you ever done it because you remember seeing a big fat bloke wheezily running towards the lift doors but at a sufficient distance to mean that he won't quite make it as long as the doors close quickly? No doubt if he gets there and jams himself in the doors as they are closing you will have your line all ready...

"Oh sorry about that. I tried to press the 'open doors' button but I think I pressed the wrong one by mistake."

Well it turns out that most of the 'close doors' buttons don't work. In fact they are often not even wired up. They are known in the trade as 'placebo buttons' because they are only there to make you feel better when you press them.

I bet the guy who thought up that stunt is a big fat bloke who hated having to run to catch the lift doors before they close.

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