Sunday, 8 January 2012


I am worried. I am seriously concerned that my wife is having an affair.

All the tell-tale signs are there. She is frequently distracted and pays me very little attention. She spends a lot of time in a different room to me. She has that guilty look about her.

Sometimes if I enter the room unexpectedly, I find her in a state of near euphoria and yet she seems to be completely unaware of my presence.

But it is no mystery. I know who my rival is. In fact, I can give you a description. Black, smooth-faced and I have to admit it - cool. My rival's name? It is iPad 2.

It is newly acquired and I have only myself to blame. I helped set the thing up and now my wife spends practically all her time in its company. I even showed her how to use the thing and she's getting better at it all the time.

Now if I could just stop her using it as a mirror before she turns it on ...


  1. Excellent piece of writing!

  2. It's certainly an addictive piece of kit. But I'm sure she'll soon once again key into your charms. If she's anything like me she may find the iPad entertaining but when push comes to shove she'll know where to go for a cuddle :)