Wednesday, 18 January 2012


I was chatting to a lovely lady the other day who is still living life to the full despite being well into her eighties.

Physically, she gets around pretty well aided no doubt by the fact that she has been rejuvenated with two replacement hips and two replacement knees. Mentally she's as sharp as a fox and has a fine sense of humour which I suspect she inherited from her father judging from the following tale which she told me.

I learned that she was the youngest of three daughters each of whom had been given a shorter nickname by their father than those which they had been christened with.

The oldest daughter was known as I.I. Apparently this stood for 'Injured Innocence'.

He called the second daughter M.C. because her conception, clearly not intended, came about because of 'Misplaced Confidence'.

As for the lady in question, she was dubbed A.B.C. The reason? Well it appears that she was the result of 'Absolute Bloody Carelessness'.

Careless it may have been but I can assure you that the world is a richer place for it.

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