Sunday, 26 August 2012


The entire world now knows about Prince Harry getting caught playing strip billiards in Las Vegas with a group of complete strangers. This is old news. 

The entire world outside of the U.K. is allowed to see the photos in which the third in line to the throne is guarding the crown jewels very closely.

Oh and everyone inside the U.K. has also seen them courtesy of the internet or The Sun. 

But what is the question everyone is asking? Is it 'Why did he do that with a bunch of strangers without having them frisked for camera phones?' Is it 'Where were his minders?' Is it 'Where was his mind?'

No, the question everyone wants the answer to is 'What are the rules of strip billiards?' 

The answer is that there is a long version and a shorter version. The long version is that everytime your opponent pots a ball you have to remove an item of clothing. The short version means that you also have to remove something each time you fail to pot a ball. 

Put another way, if your balls don't disappear into the pockets they will soon be in public view.

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