Wednesday, 8 August 2012


It was never going to take long to write about the Olympic sports which I currently play so now I'm moving on to sports which I once played but no longer do. 

In the last century - indeed in the last Millenium, I attempted to be a fencer. Apart from myself, other former fencers include Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.

As I remember it, this involved me waving a foil around shouting 'En Garde' while the other chap kept sticking his pointy end in my chest until somebody told me that I'd lost. This didn't seem like a whole lot of fun so I soon moved on in my quest to find a sport which I might be able to win occasionally.

Fencing trivia:

1. With origins dating back to the year 1200, fencing has been an Olympic sport since 1898.

2. The suits are white because long ago, the sword points were tipped with ink to leave a visible mark on the opponent.

3. After a marksman's bullet, the tip of a fencing sword is the second fastest moving object in sport.

Personally though, I never saw the point of fencing. I just felt it as I was jabbed with it.


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