Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Last time I wrote, I listed a few much loved possessions in my study and challenged you to glean what you could about me from them. Here's the facts.
On the desk:
An 'Almost Impossible' puzzle book
I'm a sucker for puzzles and do them every day to keep my brain from crumbling
A bottle of ink
I love to write with a 'proper' pen and have studied calligraphy in the past.
A memory stick
I've been totally hooked on computers since the Sinclair spectrum days around 1980. Worked for IBM and did some programming in 'Fortran'

A wine voucher
Love my wines and am studying to get accreditation so I can appreciate them even more

A bridge book
Bridge Grandmaster confirming my geeky status

A packet of stamp hinges
... and if the geeky status was in any doubt, I collect stamps too :)

Lying around:
A book called 'Who do you think you are?'
Have studied  genealogy and created my family tree.

Some model canal boats
Love being on the water and crew for the Willow Trust, a charity which gives free day trips to the needy.

A small picture of a Cornish harbour
One of my favourite places for a holiday

A little pile of pre-decimal coins
Because I'm that old and that nostalgic. I had a friend once who bought an old car for seven and sixpence. It lasted three days which got us home and back for the weekend.
Two model cars
Love driving

Some model houses from Amsterdam
My wife and I have often said that if we didn't live in England we'd live in Amsterdam. Wonderful city.

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  1. I mostly have left over food on my desk..does that count??? My wife just raises her eyebrows..This am only 4 dirty dishes from last night.