Sunday, 7 October 2012


I'm sitting in my study. Do not for a second imagine anything grand. It's a tiny room crammed with a desk, a chair, cupboards and shelves. 

It also contains some much loved possessions.

Looking round at them I realise how much they say about me. Why not play detective and see what you can glean about me from this selection of items?

On the desk:
An 'Almost Impossible' puzzle book
A bottle of ink
A memory stick
A wine voucher
A bridge book
A packet of stamp hinges

Lying around:
A book called 'Who do you think you are?'
Some model canal boats
A small picture of a Cornish harbour 
A little pile of pre-decimal coins
Two model cars
Some model houses from Amsterdam

I'll elaborate on these treasures in my next scribbles.

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