Sunday, 21 October 2012


The first half of this piece on wine and food matching seems to have been received favourably. This conclusion looks to inform you of a new taste which you may not be aware that you had.

We discovered last time which wines to drink with some of the basic food tastes so sweet foods need an even sweeter wine, acidic foods need acidic wines, bitter tasting foods need a sweetish wine with low tannin to balance them and salty foods bring out the fruitiness of strong reds or a nice oaked chardonnay.

You were aware of these sweet, salty, acid, and bitter tastes but may not have known that there is another taste called 'umami' which was officially recognised in 1985. This is the savoury taste which you get with tinned salmon, eggs, asparagus or cooked mushrooms.

The best wine to pair with these foods is again a low tannin wine. Pinot Noir would be a good accompaniment. 

As a general rule of thumb,  powerful food flavours need a powerful wine to match them and vice versa. But remember, apart from sustaining life, food is also useful since it gives you a good reason to drink wine - if you needed one.

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